Sunday, 15 July 2012


Today Father Martin presided at the Parish Mass and Father Mervyn concelebrated and preached. This week, despite some people on holiday, we had a full house.  In his sermon Father Mervyn said that Jesus had warned the disciples when he sent them out that they might receive a hostile reaction. Father quoted the example of Gandhi who campaigned for India to be free of British rule with a campaign of non-violence. He was frequently imprisoned and was assassinated. John the Baptist was beheaded because he proclaimed the truth that Herod and Herodias were living in sin. We, as Christians, have to proclaim our faith; the faith which has come down to us from the Apostles and which is contained in the  Gospels and through 2,000 years of tradition. even though we might find we are persecuted for doing so.

Yesterday’s Saturday Shop made £200

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