Sunday, 8 July 2012





At the beginning of the Parish Mass this morning Father Mervyn reassured the congregation that it wasn’t an ark that Father Martin was building in his garden but a garden shed although the deluge we were suffering today might indicate that some thought might need to be given to that. Despite the atrocious weather the numbers were only slightly down and some of that was due to holidays.

Father Mervyn presided and Father Martin preached and concelebrated. At the opening of the Mass Father Mervyn said we were offering the Holy Sacrifice today especially for the General Synod that it might be given the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all its decisions. In his sermon Father stressed the importance of the Apostolic succession. He talked about a recent ordination we had attended at St. James, Colchester by the Bishop of Richborough, his own ordination to the priesthood12 years ago and Father Mervyns' 26 years ago. All of us were in the Apostolic succession, something we valued and something we hoped, trusted and which we prayed would be maintained at the General Synod currently meeting in York.


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