Sunday, 29 September 2013


Father Mervyn presided at the Harvest Parish Mass whilst Father Martin concelebrated, read the gospel, talked to the children and gave a commentary so people not familiar with the Mass understood what we were doing. The church was full to capacity with additional chairs brought in to accommodate all those who came. It was a Parade Service so the Scouts,Beavers Brownies and Rainbows presented their flags at the beginning of the service collecting them at the end. The Guides were not able to be with us as they had a prior engagement.
Gifts were collected for the Havering Food Banks and will be taken to them during the week to replenish what has been an unprecedented demand during the summer.
In his talk Father Martin asked the children what their favourite foods were and had a variety of answers. He picked one that seemed to be a firm favourite with both the children and adults: the pizza. He then talked about where all the various ingredients used to make a piazza originated and how we needed to show our thanks to God for all his gifts and our thanks to those who worked hard to harvest and supply them.

During the Notices Father Martin reminded people that the Harvest Tea is next Saturday

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