Sunday, 24 March 2013



Due to the awful weather we were unable to hold our normal Palm Sunday Procession from the Vicarage Garden, down the road, to the church. Instead we blessed Palms in the foyer and then processed via the passage way into the Lady Chapel and into the Church. Disappointing that we couldn’t hold it outside, as an act of witness, never-the-less it was a wonderful procession. Despite the atrocious weather most of our normal congregation were able to get to Mass. Father Martin presided at the Mass and Father Mervyn concelebrated.

The Passion Gospel was read by our Lay Reader Joan, Father Mervyn and Father Martin after which Father Mervyn preached. In his sermon Father remarked that the previous week was quite remarkable during which two Christian Leaders had begun their new ministry. Pope Francis the successor of Peter and Justin successor of St. Augustine, our Patron, who himself was a successor of the Apostles. Father Mervyn invited us to walk with the Apostles during this Holy Week so that we could experience something which they had experienced. It was only if we felt the great desolation they experienced on that first Good Friday could we expect to feel the great joy they had when the realised the wonder of the Easter story.

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