Sunday, 4 December 2011


At a well attended Parish Mass today Father Mervyn presided and Father Martin preached and concelebrated. Ann led us in our Intercessions.  In his sermon Father Martin commented on those who want to celebrate Christmas before it actually comes.  He pointed out that Tuesday is the Feast of St. Nicholas which many people on the continent keep as the day for exchanging presents. In that way they don’t have the hype/commercialism which surrounds Christmas in the UK. He also mentioned the customs in Spain and amongst the Orthodox which allowed the great Solemnity of Christmas to be properly celebrated unencumbered by the secularisation prevalent in the UK.

Yesterdays Saturday Shop took a staggering £280.


2.00 p.m. CAROL SINGING AT QUEEN’S HOSPITAL. Meet at the piano in the main Entrance area.

4.30 p.m. Baptism of Matt and Michael, brothers of Vera and twin sons of Michael and Uzoma. All welcome – please come and support them.

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