Saturday, 2 April 2011

Street Party– Friday 29th April

We were going to have a bar-b-que (and we may still have one) but suddenly an old-fashioned Street Party to celebrate the Royal Wedding on the 29th April seems in favour.

Now, we have a bit of street outside the church and hall but using that stretch of road (as we once did) is a real problem as there is so much traffic. So, our SP (Street Party abbreviation for the in-crowd) is going to be inside the Church Hall.

Yes, I know that isn’t quite right but if it rains we will be dry and there will be very little traffic coming through the Church Hall plus we are near the kitchen and the toilets.

Along trestle table down the middle covered in red, white and blue plus sandwiches, jelly, crisps, cakes and balloons and bunting. Music of a suitable nature will be provided and games may be played.

Children are particularly invited so if your street isn’t doing a SP then invite them to ours. I’m not sure about cost but maybe it will be what often happens—BRING AND SHARE. Timing will be early afternoon after you have all watched the RW (Royal Wedding) on TV (Television)

Ask Cathy or Pauline if you want to know more.

Strawberry Teas

Sunday 19th June


From 3.00 p.m.

This is very simple.

We are doing it again. Strawberry Cream Teas in the gardens of 33 and 35 Philip Ave.

All you have to do is come along, pay your money (£5 for adults, under 16’s £2.50) and eat and drink (plenty of light refreshing wine) and have a lovely afternoon sitting in the Summer sun and putting the world to rights. We cannot of course guarantee the weather but marquees will be up to protect against rain or sunburn.

There, I told you it was simple.

Stalls selling books and plants and anything else I think might sell will also be available, plus we finish with a raffle and finally Evening Prayers in the open air.

Not Glyndebourne but much cheaper.

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