Sunday, 20 June 2010

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

It was good to welcome to Mass this morning some of our congregation who had been away for some time due to illness, now recovered or abroad. At the start of the Mass Father Martin welcomed everybody.

As well as playing the organ Father Mervyn preached on this Sunday’s Epistle from S. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. He pointed out that all people are equal regardless of colour, sex, social status or nationality. All were made in God’s image and to treat people with disdain or by any form of prejudice was to deny God and his wonderful creation. We were all brothers and sisters by nature of our Baptism. He quoted a black priest who once said: “If you do not like me because I am ignorant, I can be sent to school and educated. If you do not like me because I am dirty, I can be taught to wash and be clean. If you do not like me because of my unsocial habits, I can be taught how to live in society. But if you do not like me because of the color of my skin, I can only refer you to God who made me. “

During the Notices Father Martin reminded everybody about the Confirmation with Holy Baptism and Pontifical Mass on Friday 2nd July with Bishop Keith Newton SSC the Bishop of Richborough. The service would be followed by refreshments in the hall.

Every Sunday the Choir sing an anthem or quiet hymn during the Communion of the people. During the absence of our Organist and Choirmaster Choir practice on a Sunday morning has been led by Father Mervyn. We have a loyal adult choir who give freely of their time and talents and this is much appreciated by our congregation.

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