Sunday, 13 June 2010

11th Sunday of the Year



Today, at the Parish Mass we celebrated, and gave thanks for the achievement of the Saturday Shop which over the last 8 years has raised £50,000 plus an additional £10,000 from our sales on EBay. Father Martin observed that during the time the shop has been opened some 500,000 people had been to the shop. Not only did this give us a chance to get to know people, it also provided the opportunity for visitors to speak to a member of the clergy in a welcoming atmosphere.

We also prayed for Church Musicians, our Choir and our Organist, on this Music Sunday. It was good news to hear that our organist will be returning to play the organ on the first Sunday in July after his recovery from a serious operation. Father Mervyn will continue playing the organ and training the choir until then.

Confirmation Classes continued after the Parish Mass in readiness for the Confirmation and Solemn Mass at 7.30 p.m. on the Friday the 2nd July by the Bishop of Richborough, the Rt. Revd. Keith Newton SSC.

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