Sunday, 6 July 2014


Today Father Martin officiated at St. Alban’s, Romford as some of the parish are on their annual Walsingham Pilgrimage. Father Mervyn celebrated the Solemn Parish Mass, and preached. Veronica, one of the Churchwardens, led our intercession. In his address Father Mervyn pointed out that parents have the responsibility of teaching children to be obedient; we say things like “go to bed”, “get up” “tidy you room”. “don’t interrupt people when they’re speaking” “clean you teeth”. We learn from our parents as children and put that into practice as we mature. The things parents, teacher and priests teach us form our conscience when we grow up. We learn how to listen to our conscience, not in some act of blind obedience but by listening to what is good, honest and the  kind thing to do. It enables us to grow into spiritual maturity and greatness.

Yesterday’s Saturday Shop took £147 and the Charity Stall £137

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