Thursday, 26 December 2013



We started our celebrations with our Christingle Service. During the service the children were asked to bring the Nativity figures to the crib. In the talk Father Mervyn asked Father Martin where Mister Monkey was (he is the mascot of our Sunday School – sometimes he’s very good and sometimes not) He had been left in the Sacristy so the servers went to fetch him. He came into church, complaining that he hadn’t been invited to the service so he had made his own Christingle. He used as the base a potato instead of an orange, a discarded post office red rubber band instead of a ribbon, he had five sticks: one with a brussel sprout, one with a baby sweet corn, one with a wiggly worm,  one with a mushroom and one with a piece of broccoli. He had an electric tea light instead of a candle.Father Martin explained how a proper Christingle was made and explained the significance of each part. Mister Monkey was then given a proper Christingle and then every member of the congregation came to collect theirs. We sang the new Children Society’s hymn.

THE VIGIL MASS At 6.00 p.m. there was the Christmas Vigil Mass.



At the Midnight Mass, Father Mervyn presided and Father Martin concelebrated, preached and led our Intercessions. At the end of Mass the Crib was blessed and the Bambino placed in it. After Mass sherry, sausage rolls, mince pies and fruit juice were served in the hall.



Father Martin presided at Mass and Father Mervyn concelebrated, preached the homily,  and led our Intercessions.


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