Sunday, 5 May 2013


Today Father Martin was the Principle Celebrant and Father Mervyn read the Gospel, preached, led the Intercessions and concelebrated. In his sermon Father Mervyn pointed out that Rogation Sunday and Rogation days had a long history. It had been Queen Elizabeth 1 who had ordered that on Rogation Sunday there should be  a “perambulation of the parish” so that the priest would be aware of the territory of his cure. This became known as “beating the bounds” a custom still observed in some rural parishes. Father Mervyn suggested that whilst boundaries could be useful Jesus had reminded us that we are both part of Him and part of each other. He had described himself as the vine and we, Christians, are the branches which are not only dependent on him but are interdependent on each other as well. Everything we do affects the other parts connected to the vine and if the vine thrives we not only have a rich harvest we also have seeds for harvests yet to come. That is the good news about Rogation.

Yesterdays May Fair made a total of £942.98 but there may be more yet to come.


Ascension Day

Thursday 9th May 7.30 p.m.


followed by Bring & Share in the Parish Hall


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2013

There are a very few places left if you would like to join this trip of a lifetime

See Father Martin or Father Mervyn for more details.

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