Sunday, 23 December 2012


4_awToday a near full church celebrated the Fourth Sunday in Advent. Father Mervyn presided and Father Martin read the Gospel and preached. Our Lay Reader Joan led us in prayer.

Father Martin based  his sermon on the Gospel and in particular on Mary’s Song the Magnificat. He contrasted how this beautiful Song had been used and played an extract from the setting Stanford in G.  Then he got the choir to sing a modern version:-

1. Join Mary's song! Sing loud and clear
of anger God is feeling
that selfish men make others poor
and legalise the stealing!
With her sing praise that he should care,
and with the wronged their burden share;
from seats of power the proud he'll tear,
and send the mighty reeling.

2. That God's with those who are oppressed
there can be no denying.
With those who're poor or dispossessed,
his heart has long been sighing.
But they shall have what's just and right,
when God shall break the men of might;
he'll lift the hungry to the height
and send the selfish crying.

We look forward to seeing many people over the next few days as we gather to celebrate the wonderful Solemnity of Christmas.

Yesterday’s Saturday shop took £141

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