Sunday, 14 October 2012


As our Organist was away this Sunday Father Martin presided at the Parish Mass whilst Father Mervyn played the organ and preached. He illustrated his sermon with a story about a fisherman and pointed out that the young man in the Gospel who was very wealthy felt unable to accept the challenge of giving up his wealth to become a follower of Jesus. It was a challenge we had to make by choosing what was most important to us: Jesus or the wealth and ways of the world.

Archdeacon Father Samuel was with us again this morning but will be returning home to Nigeria next week-end. He goes with our good wishes and our prayers.

Yesterday’s Saturday Shop took over £190

Tuesday 16th October Rosary at 7.30 p.m. followed by a meeting of the Social Sub-Committee.

Monday 29th October Meeting of the Finance Sub-Committee


THURSDAY 1st NOVEMBER following the Mass a complete clean of our Church Hall. Bring a mop and plenty of elbow grease!!!!!!!!!!!

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