Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Didn’t They Do Well

Extracts from the Pioneer – the Magazine of St. Augustine’s, Rush Green.

It’s been a couple of months since there was an issue of The Pioneer and in that time a few “medals” (other than the Olympics) have been awarded for achievement of one sort or another.

Firstly, congratulations to Katherine  for all those GCSE’s at A* and A (the B’s are subject to possible dispute). Katherine is now returning to the hard work of the 6th form. Congratulations.

Two of our teenagers have had their ‘A’ results. First we have Fraser who got 3 ‘A’ levels and is now working away at a Foundation course at Havering College. Well done Fraser.

And then Charlotte  got 4 ‘A’ levels and is about to start studying Geography at Kings College, London. Once again, congratulations. Sadly for Charlotte (and her family) her Grandmother Nesta (Steve’s mother) died during the summer and is in our prayers.

Then we have Greg, who many of you know. He can now utter those famous words “Evenin’ All” or “You’re Nicked” or even better “’Allo, ‘Allo, ‘Allo”.

Pioneer sept policeGreg is now a fully fledged officer of the law and I am sure he is enjoying the first fruits of a responsible and respected job (not that his previous job as a PCSO was anything other than responsible and respected but you know what I mean).

Then we have Doris who is a mere 80 years old and was therefore born in 1932. In the same year the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, the summer Olympics opened in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Cash were born and Charles Lindbergh’s son was kidnapped. This is not all that happened, but Wikipedia appears reluctant to consider adding Doris’s birth to the events of 1932; maybe she should appeal. Mary  organised a “Ladies that Tea” event for Doris.

We have to hasten onwards as we have another 80th birthday in the shape of our very own star of stage and screen - Gwen  who is 80 years young on September14th.

And nearly lastly, but of course by no means least, it is the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Charlie and Joan, our Lay Reader.

Many Congratulations to Charlie & Joan

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