Sunday, 25 July 2010


Today, Father Martin presided and preached whilst Father Mervyn concelebrated at the Parish Mass. Numbers were slightly down due to the fact that school holidays are now underway. In his sermon Father Martin commented on a recent event he had attended organised by Bishop David, the Bishop of Barking on “Politics and Religion” There were people from various denominations in attendance. In Father Martin’s Group there was an Orthodox priest, Baptist Minister and other clergy from the Church of England. One of the subjects they discussed was “What does your congregation think of Heaven.” One Universalist insisted that everyone went to heaven anyway. Father Martin argued that if that was the case, why did Jesus die on the cross and other martyrs, like St. James, sacrifice their lives.

At the end of Mass Father Martin explained the new arrangements about Harvest. Boxes would still be available for individual cash donations but there would also be series of tombola’s to raise funds. Gifts for this would be welcome and could be brought to Mass or to the Saturday Shop. The tombola's would be held at the Saturday Shop between now and the end of September. The money raised together with donations from the match boxes would be sent to the usual Harvest Charity. The church would be decorated using some of the items donated to give more of a feel of Harvest.

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